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Bad Kitty red Box love Swing set

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What is Bad Kitty Red Box Love Swing Set

Suspension sex will take your love making to the next level with this quality sex swing set.

  • This adult set will allow for amazing possibilities and positions you never thought possible.
  • All straps are fully adjustable and made of tear proof, padded nylon.
  • This set have 8-tailed whip with leather handle, 1 blindfold and an assembly kit that complete your ensemble.

How to use


  1. Find the centre of your doorway and mark that spot.
  2. Insert the entire eyelet screw on the spot.
  3. Once the eyelet screw is in, do not remove it.
  4. You can also hang it in an open room.
  5. Locate a strong ceiling beam and insert the entire eyelet screw.
  6. Once it's set up, you're free to move about as you please, without being restricted by your door frame.
  7. Have fun your partner with Bad Kitty Swing Set!

Usage and Care


  • It is advisable to clean your sex toys (set) before and after use.
  • This lesbian strap-on can be washed by hand or machine
  • Dry it using a clean towel or wipes.



  • Strong and secure sex swing
  • 2 x swing belts for bottom and back support
  • Hand and foot loops for stability
  • Padded sections for comfortable positioning
  • Adjustable straps with secure buckles



  • Cross Bar Construction Width: 38 cm
  • Max Load: 100 kg
  • Whip Length: 38 cm


Made from metal, polyester, split leather, polyamide material

Why should you try this Swing Set

Want to achieve unique sex positions with your partner? Try Bad Kitty Swing Set.

  1. This sex swing will make near impossible positions to be reality.
  2. It has a variety of straps to pick and choose from.
  3. You can also customise your promiscuous posture for maximum pleasure.
  4. The padded straps offer comfort while reinforced belts support you and your lover fully.

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